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I’m writing this book in pieces, not from top to bottom. I like to compose by wandering around mumbling to myself until something’s ready to type, and then it all just flows out onto the screen. An old friend of mine, Fredson Bowers, who bred Irish Wolfhounds, said, “When you gotta whelp, you gotta whelp.”
As I produce short sections, sometimes just a paragraph or two, I’ll post them on this blog to attract comments from friends. (Well, and from enemies too.) I’ll use Facebook to announce new postings. Each post will include the frame explaining the whole project, the immediate context if I’ve already written it, as well as the new material. 
I want responses along several lines. Does this make sense? Will a general reader/writer understand it? Is there a better way to explain it? Can you suggest alternative techniques? What else would you like to tell me? Etc.
I appreciate anything you want to tell me. Please be candid. Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. Hi Don,

    In blogging, I’ve moved from a recitation of events in my life to trying to post stories of interest. Perhaps the move is wrong, for it has halted my blogging. I’m trying to make the story I’m working on at this moment really good. That takes much effort! Am I capable of it? I sure don’t know!

    I am comforted by the fact that the great German philosopher Kant did not begin writing until late in life. There is still hope for us lesser mortals!

    I took a basic creative writing class in night school at the University of Chicago not that long ago. I was stunned by the excellent quality of the constructive criticism I received. But the criticism involves major rewrites of the stories!

    Writing is work!


  2. The secret is learning to love revision. I actually prefer it. Maybe I’m a natural editor.

  3. […] blog you’re reading, which is the first draft of a book, has a spine. I keep telling you in one form […]

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