Sometimes writer’s block transcends wood pulp.
A local newspaper (The Nelson County Times) recently ran a feature story on a woodworker, Debbie Ballowe of Nellysford, Virginia, who makes scrollsawed ornaments out of local hardwoods. She complained that “I sometimes get writer’s block, where I have a pattern I want to do, but I can’t find the piece of wood I like. I feel like my artistry is in the cutting and finishing, but also trying to find the right wood for the right pattern…. I’m not painting it, so I can’t get things exactly where I want, but there are times where you see a knot just where it should be.”
Her secret is to have faith in her woodpile, which eventually reveals the right piece. For writers, it’s having faith that your toolbox of techniques and forms will tell you what to do and how, eventually.
[Know any other forms of writer’s block, and how to solve them?]

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