How to procrastinate

I collect techniques for writing, and it suddenly dawned on me this morning that I only collect techniques that work. So I want to find out some techniques that get in the way. Would you please send me via comments your strategies for procrastinating, your tactics to keep from typing? Many thanks, Don

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  1. Checking my face book! I also do laundry, straighten cabinets, talk on the phone, check my Amazon ranking for books I HAVE finished and eat foods that are bad for me (standing up –where the calories don’t count, of course.)

  2. I am not sure if you would call it procrastinating as such, but having to many distractions going on doesn’t help!

    I use darkroom (for mac, there is a windows version but I am not sure what it’s called) to write, it is like the old school green screen computers. Everything is black, no bells and whistles, and your writing is green. How cool is that?

    Anyways, if I don’t use darkroom for writing, I get all distracted browsing around the web.

  3. Thanks, Jill. I eat foods that are in reach, so I had to stop writing at the kitchen counter.

  4. Thanks, Michelle, for a nostalgic tip. I loved that old green type on black screen in my IBM PC model 1. I didn’t know it still existed. I’ll find it.

  5. The best thing to happen to writing in the past 20 years, as always, contains the greatest distraction. When I sit down at the computer, I have to steel myself not to open Firefox. If I do, I’ll follow the shiny objects on the Web, catch up with friends telling me things I don’t really need to know and waste enormous amounts of time while destroying the concentration I need to write anything.

  6. Writing historical fiction and non-fiction, I find that reading is an insidious procrastination tool–because it is so justifiable.

  7. Thanks, Richard. Maybe you need to return to your old technique of wandering around a room while you compose. I put that in my blog/book. You’re right; google can keep me distracted for hours.

  8. Thanks, Meg. I have the same problem. I open a book to check something, and before I know it, I’ve read a couple of page further.

  9. If you look at it as procrastination–or, worse, as writer’s block–you turn it into a problem. For me, if I’m not ready to tackle a writing job, I don’t fuss with myself. When all the elements are organized in my head and the inspiration starts to flow, the writing comes together beautifully. I’ve learned to trust my own inner timing, and so I am notoriously productive of materials in my field, without browbeating myself about why I haven’t churned out x number of words today. Donna Cunningham

  10. Thanks, Donna.
    I never think of not writing as procrastination. If it ain’t in my head, it ain’t going onto the screen, and I don’t worry about it. But when it flows…..

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  12. Thanks for the feedback. Good luck with your blog. Don

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