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This blog is the rough draft of a book on how to write your own way, and in your own voice. It shows you how to take many of the techniques described and combine them into your own writing process that works for you, that uses your strengths and avoids your weaknesses. It also shows you how to decide what kind of writing voice you want, how to create it, and how to modify it.

Today I read over the 240 pages I have posted, and I can see that the end of this project approaching. I have written the posts as their subjects popped into my head, mostly in response to pieces I’ve read. I’m normally a PLANNER, and this sort of free-form lack of planned structure seems strange to me, but I think it has given my writing a spontaneity and punch it sometimes lacks. (I wasn’t sure how to spell “spontaneity,” so I used my wife Joan’s trick of typing the word into Google, which gave me a “Do you mean…” response.) Now I’m going back to planner mode to figure out the whole structure and subject matters of the finished book. I will fill in the holes by writing about things I’ve left out or just not thought about yet.

Many of my readers have responded with their own techniques to add to the collection, and I am grateful to all of you. Now I want to ask a favor. To make this book more useful, I want to know what you want to know about writing. What about writing drives you crazy? What do you struggle with? If you’re an editor, what do you need to tell your writers? What techniques do you know that you would like to read about?

You can let me know either in e-mail [] or by contributing comments to the blog itself. I appreciate any suggestions you give me.

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