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I was chatting with Michael Ruhlman at the Symposium for Professional Food Writers at the Greenbrier, and he asked why I wasn’t on Twitter. He considers Twitter an adjunct to his blog, to “connect with readers and for pure entertainment.” And then, right off the top of his head, he invented a new device for me. I could post writing tips on Twitter, with the URL of my blog attached. So I’m on Twitter if you want to follow me. (Thank you, Michael.)

I’ll put up short writing tips, facts, or jabs. This blog you’re reading is about various techniques that you combine to create your own writing process to fit the way you think, tuned to what you’re good at, or not so good at. I’ll post tips, not necessarily on the same subject as that day’s blog, in short form, tight and punchy.

Some will be advice: “Writers who file early get better editing.”

Some will be facts: “Readers look at the pictures first.” (Didn’t know that, did you? Pictures hook readers, not your first sentence.)

Some will be jabs, designed to spark discussion: agreement, disagreement, ranting, threats, etc. Jabs will mostly attack assumptions of professional writers. Here’s one: “All quoting is a form of fiction.”

Here’s a tip-jab: “Cut any sentence you love.”

I’ve named this new device “Don Fry’s #writing bite.” I call the entries “bites” because they’re bite-size, tend to bite you, and pun on “byte.”

Twitter only gives you 140 characters including spaces, apparatus, and the URL of this blog. Here’s the first one:

Don Fry’s #writing bite: Ellipsis makes readers wonder what you left out. https://donfry.wordpress.com.

One hundred and two characters and spaces, not bad. So stay tuned; this conversation just got wider.

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